Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sew My Stash 2015: Precuts Party

 Here it is. My one and only ever jelly roll quilt top. This is my first time making a quilt with precut fabric and all from the same line/designer/company. I bought the jelly roll from a LQS about five years ago or so. I guess we could probably get a good idea from the fabric line so if you recognize it chime in. It was a Moda Jellyroll. I used a pattern called Floral Bouquet from a book appropriately called Jelly Roll Quilts. I followed the pattern exactly.

The funny thing about this particular jelly roll is that I had taken it apart and integrated it into my scrap stash because it had sat around for so many years and although I had made plans for them a few times, I just never got excited about doing a fabric coordinated quilt. I eventually put them all back together because I decided I wanted to see what they looked like together on a quilt top. I do like the muted colors. I wonder if I'll end up ever getting another jelly roll and if it would take another five years to complete a top with?

I actually stared sewing my stash on my own and started on this one just this month but I only found this link-up last night! But it just so happens I was ready to piece the rows and had the border ready to go. Good luck to everyone in the Sew My Stass 2015: Precuts Party! over at Project Leasa!

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  1. I love this quilt pattern - you did a great job with it!