Finished Quilts

Ella Snow - One Year Old <3

Birthday Scraps

LTMAS 2015 Raffle Quit

Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild Pizza Box Challenge 2013

Wool Star Quilt

Bear Grease

Marigold's Quilt

Vincent's Star Quilt

Maggie's Star Quilt

Birthroom Quilt and Gathering 4 Mother Earth Raffle Quilt 2012

Cosmo's Morning Star

Cosmo's Star Quilt back

Victor's Red and Blue Star Quilt



Taro's Magic Mushroom Peace Crane

Jessica's Quilt

Ze's Quilt
Leo's Naming Blanket - Lightning That Strikes 

Lightning That Strikes- Back

Mom's Morning Star Shield

Peace Crane pillow

Prayer Feather Pillow 12x16
Nico's Quilt

Kid's school wall hanging

Mateo's Quilt

Mateo's Quilt back

Joaquin's star quilt

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