Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's been forever but the stitch goes on

I did get some things done this last few months in addition to many many things non-quilt-related. I have been sewing at work with the clients and working on the Monument Quilt.  I am currently quilting the first 4x4 quilt and we are working on piecing the second 4x4 too. It is a great honor to be creating pieces. The clients are especially excited that their pieces will be going to Washington DC.

I also finished and delivered two star quilts in honor of a nieces one year birthday. These quilts were part of her giveaway. My nieces middle name is Snow so this is her quilt given to her by her parents. 

Speaking of snow this is what it looked like outside when I left work so I'm gonna do some stitchin' today on this snow day!