Making Quilts

Welcome to my sewing room...

So i have taken over the north side closed in porch for my sewing space. I used to have a sewing corner in our old bedroom. After we moved, this room became storage, then the kids play room, a old piano that Liana had was put in it for a few months, then it was the birth center office for a few months. After the birth center moved into their own office, it sat empty for a few weeks and then I snapped. Now I have completely set myself up. I had no idea what a big influence it would have on my quilting/sewing to have a dedicated space. We are all loving it.

My set up for quilting made with clamps and rope and two eye hooks. Thanks to quilter  Becky Goldsmith for this great idea that she shared at our February Guild meeting.

Another shot with the ceiling.  I also use it to help me while I'm  piecing large pieces

This is my basting set-up thanks to Leah Day's idea to use elastic. It works great.
The way I used to baste. On carpet. It really didn't work very well.
Little Leo likes to do design work.

Grandfathers keeping me company


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