Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I am working on this week...

This is the Raffle Quilt for La Tierra Montessori. After the strips were pieced and sitting around the sewing room for months, I finally cut and pieced the diamonds and did the Y seams this morning. I went around about the background and used a dark grey that wound up looking beautiful!

This is what it looked like for months when the strips were just hanging around.

This little Lone Star quilt is for the raffle at the Gathering for Mother Earth this year for the Doula Program. Both these raffle lovelies are getting basted today.

I also cannot get enough of making these adorable bags. This is my long arm supplies bag that I bring with me when I rent the long arm in Albuquerque. (except for the bag with the clips, those are for doing binding at home)

And these are the lunchbags that I made for the kids this year

I also chose the colors for the Baby lone star that I am making for Oren and Vanessa who are 31 weeks pregnant so I better keep moving on this one. I chose super saturated rainbow colors just like she asked for! 

And lastly, Nilah's Flower Fairy Quilt went out the door (without a pic sadly cause the kids were late for the bus)  this morning for Nilah's 6th birthday!


  1. Your quilts are gorgeous! And I love those drawstring bags.
    xo jan

  2. Also I wanted to sign up to follow your blog but I could not find a link? I wasn't sure if you have that available or not. Thanks - jan@sewandsowfarm

  3. Beautiful quilts and bags. I have always loved lonestars and have always wanted to make one. Someday...

  4. I'll have to bookmark this post, because one of these days I AM going to attempt a lone star. Which totally intimidates me! Yours are wonderful, especially your colors. Those bags are pretty cool, too.