Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For a Very Loved Baby

It has been a long while since I have even logged on to this blog. My life has been filled with work and kids and summertime fun and I am happy to say that it is winding down. School clothes and shoes are gotten, Bus routes are figured out, and haircuts are the last thing left to do before the kids are ready to go again.

This summer, my dear old friend became a mom. I have known my fiend Sarah Jane for over twenty years. We have lived and traveled together, walked across the country together, and joined the circus together. Now we are moms together. Even though she lives only 30 minutes, we don't see each other much and I don't expect that to change even with the kids. But regardless, my heart is so warmed knowing how much she wanted to be a mother. After losing pregnancies and partners and all the ups and downs of queer pregnancy and adoption, her little one is in her arms finally at 42 years old. Single mom by choice and I have never seen her happier. This was one of the most gratifying quilts I have gotten to make yet.

Joaquin's Morning Star

Joaquin's peace crane on the back (Number 48)

Joaquin's monring star getting basted

Mama Sarah Jane and sweet Joaquin. Match made in heaven!

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  1. I sooo love lone stars. What a great gift for a small boy.