Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wed - Getting Ready for the Guild Retreat Weekend!

Wednesday again already! Well I usually get to spend everyday sewing but this week we are submitting a Federal grant proposal so those always take a bunch of my time. But it will be submitted by friday and then my reward is that it's the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild Retreat is this weekend so from 8am Friday to 4pm Sunday, the ladies will be sewing! I reserved myself a table for the whole weekend and plan to take lots of pics too. Its my first time. Fun.

So last week I ended up spending the rest of Wednesday digging around my sewing room. Lots of projects going on around here. 

This pic is of the next Morning Star blanket that I'm doing for Kayt and Victor. Kayt came over and chose batiks for her star and brought me lavender solid for the background.  Not what I would have chosen but she's sure it will look great so I'm trusting her and its her blanket. It's looking so beautiful so far and I haven't worked with modern batiks in awhile so its nice to be immersed in them for a bit.

Last week I talked about the blanket that I'm making with all my Mother's batik dresses. Here is a close-up of two of the stars and the new fabrics I chose for the blanket. A very special blanket for me.

These are the next feathers that I will put together. I am always making feathers for blankets and pillows and bags so I bundle my scraps every once in awhile to make feathers. The next pic is of some of the scrap bundles I made to become feathers or stars.

What I did this weekend was a couple bags. I was working on Malaya's mustache pillow but it wasn't coming together. Then I got this GREAT book called the Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam which is an amazing tutorial! Here's what Malaya's fabric became instead of a pillow.

 The original pattern called for fusible fleece and interfacing so I did a second bag for myself but this time I quilted both layers and added four pockets. I also did the binding a little differently and double-layered the handles. Love.

Close-up of bag bottom

Of course I did a few Peace Cranes also. Here's a pillow with the 42nd Peace Crane. I added a little tag detail to this one with a piece of ribbon. 

And last share today is the beloved Naruto headband. So easy to please.

I'm packed and ready to go to the sewing retreat. Now off to get that grant done first. Peace to you and all you love... 


  1. Oh I LOVE that mustache print bag!! Have fun at your retreat.

  2. Hope you have a great retreat! Looks like you have some good projects to work on. I love the crane pillow!