Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Scraps of My Life

Wow. Look at this beautiful gift that Aimee gave me yesterday for me to make more cushions. It was a humble trip to Oklahoma and what special material to remember it by. It turns out that Aimee is a sewist and that Sean's mom is a quilter. She showed me the kid's blankets and it's so nice when someone can really appreciate the work that goes into homemade things cause they know. I'm so reminded of the red dirt and now I know why Victor likes his moon that way. Anyway- Good people. Good trip.

These scraps were bought in Oregon on their way down here to NM before they had kids even. I love it that we all have those scraps from our life that we always mean to sew or weave in there. It made me think about the things I have collected that tell my story.

I think the greatest scrap reconciliation that I am attempting is to express the story of my mother's dresses through a quilt. I have over 20 batik and other south-east asian fabrics that she had made into outfits and after she passed away ten years ago, I decided to save them all and her large collection of fabric. So I am making a blanket with scraps from my mothers dresses. I see other people do this but never realized the significance of working with this kind of material. Literally the fabric of my childhood.

Sorry for the pic quality but I just wanted to share an idea of what it will look like. The pattern is from Material Obsession Two. This is on the design wall. Each star is one of her fabrics. I'll get the light right and get some nice pics once its pieced. I next have to square them to 12 inch blocks and I have to be in the mood to spend that much time with my rotary cutter. She really would love what I'm doing with her fabric though.

My current scrap situation is fat. Kaycee made these great bags for folks for the holiday time and I've got mine filled with my snippets. It also keeps my foot pedal from sliding. Then I have these little drawers of scraps under my table.

Yeah. I like to sew barefoot.


  1. This is going to be such a special quilt. It looks amazing! I sew barefoot too, though I probably shouldn't. I am constantly dropping pins!

    Thanks for linking up to Let's Get Acquainted this week!

  2. I too can not sew with shoes on.. I even took them off at a class once!! I got a couple weird looks but my sewing was perfect and that's what counts....