Thursday, March 28, 2013

Welcome to my sewing room

Well. This is it. I am officially blogging. Welcome to my little world in Northern New Mexico. I decided to start with a few pics of my beloved sewing room.

My sweet new machine

Diamond's daily naptime on the ironing board
After so many things knocking me back the past few years, I decided to take some time for me this year. I am off-call for the first time in years. I work only ten hours a week now so that I can spend time everyday in my sewing room. I am so happy here. No one can hurt me here. And I am always right. It's so sweet after so many years of fighting the good fight everyday, I am so blessed to be a 100% mom more often and enjoy my family and our home. I feel like I am putting myself back together right now just like patchwork and I feel like if I just sit here and keep sewing fabric pieces together that everything is going to be alright. Yup. It's my therapy.

I am a woman of color, a midwife, and a mother of four. I am an Executive Director and a Graduate student. I am a beader, knitter, and singer, a dancer and a quilter. I am a 19-year survivor of childhood sexual trauma and incest and an inter-generational survivor of cultural genocide. My cultural identity is important to me and central to who I am as a lover of the Earth. I have walked across the country, traveled on a circus bus playing a tap-dancing bird, recorded a CD, and started a doula program. I have given birth at home four times and first-held hundreds of wet babies in my humble hands. I am a proud Filipina-American. I am a proud queer. I am also a proud wife to a beautiful man named Mateo. 

I am excited that I finally got this started and I look forward to being able to be part of the great blog community of creative folks out here. I hope some of you follow along on my blog about my Quilting and healing journey.


  1. Wow. Amazing what you run into while surfing around quilting blogs, where one link leads to another. You truly touch my heart with your story, and I applaud you for beautiful work and everything you do. Obviously your talents are many, including writing and expressing yourself. Good luck with the blog! I will add you to my list, and come back and visit often.

    1. Sandy- Thank you so much for acknowledging my story. It made me feel so good. Thanks for stopping by and look forward to hearing from you more and seeing YOUR work!

  2. Ditto to what Sandy said! Thanks for stopping by my blog otherwise I might have missed you. Good luck and great job so far!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I'll be visiting you often too!