Thursday, September 19, 2013

Arts in the Schools!

I just got home from my fourth full day in the last two weeks teaching lower and upper elementary kids! Something I have not done for a very long time. And this time I get to bring my sewing machine! I was invited by the Arts Director to be a teaching artist this year for Moving Arts EspaƱola and La Tierra Charter School. I have known many amazing folks to have this honor over the years and now it is my turn! How cool is that?

I can't really post pics of all the kids cause their folks might not like that without permission but here are some pics of some of us and our piles of fabric that we played with. Each child is making a personal flag with cotton fabric and thread to represent who they are. What an amazing experience this has been so far. Thank you La Tierra Charter School!

 I brought some quilts in to show the kids. I showed them diamonds, squares, rectangles, half-square triangles, 60 degree triangles, and hexagons!

Miss Josphine, Seemstress and fellow school mom sewing away

My neighbor and her flag

My guy is on the far right - they're choosing their background colors

I will most definitely update with some flag finishes cause these kids and their flags are beautiful!


  1. seems like a really great experience for both he kids and yourself. I'm glad you've enjoyed my walking foot series, thanks for sharing the button!

    I've enjoyed looking through your blog and love seeing all your different lone stars. I've always wanted to make one. I may have to give your tutorial a shot.

    1. Thanks so much! I wanted you to know that I used one of your suggestions with the walking foot the other day and did wavy lines on a baby hexie quilt that I did for a class. So thanks and keep up the beautiful work!